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EEA Pulse (Winter 2010)

The latest news from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance…

Enterprise Engagement Indicator Launches

The Enterprise Engagement Indicator (EEI), developed by EEA Chairman Allan Schweyer with assistance from Rodger Stotz of Delta Qi Consulting and Tom Lacki of Peppers & Rogers Group, is an online survey tool that can be used to quickly determine whether an organization can benefit from a more formal engagement strategy. The results pinpoint where and how an engagement strategy would be most effectively applied – from consumer and channel marketing to sales, customer service, operations and/or administration. Users simply distribute a link to the survey via e-mail to key managers across an organization, set a cut-off date, and within three business days they receive a confidential report with top-line recommendations. The Enterprise Engagement Indicator is offered to corporate supporters and sponsors of EEA at no cost, and is also available at $349 per use to non-affiliates. The survey takes under 15 minutes to complete, and all data are confidential. To view the EEI survey and a sample follow-up report, go to http://www.enterpriseengagement.org/indicator/

The PollStream Enterprise Engagement Meter

In conjunction with PollStream Inc., a leading social software and technology firm based in Toronto, Ont., EEA has created the Enterprise Engagement Meter (EEM), which resides on the EEA Portal site at www.enterpriseengagement.org. Unlike the more comprehensive Enterprise Engagement Indicator, which involves collecting information from the entire management team, the EEM allows any individual to quickly and privately assess their organization’s engagement opportunities. The results are instant and there is no charge. EEA sponsors and supporters can place a customized Enterprise Engagement Meter on their websites as an engagement widget. To view a sample of the Enterprise Engagement Meter, go to http://www.enterpriseengagement.org/

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Mark Your Calendar! EEA Announces 2010 Networking Expo

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance will hold its first annual EEA Networking Expo at the Doral Arrowwood Hotel Conference Center in Rye Brook, NY, June 3-5, 2010. The event is designed to help organizations profit from engaging their key audiences and engineer new ways to use rewards and recognition to drive performance. A slate of interactive education sessions will enable attendees to share the latest and most effective policies, procedures, strategies and tactics in the field of engagement, offering unique, actionable ideas and information they can use to boost performance and profitability, and build relationships with all key audiences. Exhibitors representing the top products, programs and performance-improvement companies will be available during eight hours of dedicated exhibit time, as well as at other networking events and activities during the EEA Networking Expo, to share their extensive expertise with attendees. The Doral Arrowwood is convenient to all major metropolitan areas in the Boston/NYC/Philadelphia/Washington, DC corridor, located only 10 minutes from Westchester Country Airport and 40 minutes from New York’s LaGuardia airport. For more information about the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Networking Expo, go to www.eeaexpo.com

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EEA Expo Participants to ‘Write the Book’ on Enterprise Engagement

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance Networking Expo, to be held June 3-4, 2010, at the Doral Arrowwod in Rye Brook, NY, is a first-of-its-kind learning and planning experience. A group of carefully selected hosted executives and managers in different aspects of engagement will be invited to participate with other attendees in the development of the first ever implementation manual for Enterprise Engagement. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for business executives and managers to learn from both experts and their peers in facilitated discussion groups. The result of the two-day event will be a manual entitled Enterprise Engagement: A Practical Guide to Maximizing Financial Performance Through People that will be distributed free of charge to all attendees. All participating individuals and their organizations will receive a credit in the manual for their participation. For more information on the EEA Networking Expo, go to www.eeaexpo.org

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Alliance Partner Pool Expands

A number of companies and organizations have recently been added to the EEA roster. They include:

  • PollStream: a leading supplier of polling technology and engagement strategies.
  • The Center for Human Capital Innovation: consulting on engagement in the government/public sector.
  • Globoforce: a world leader in multinational recognition strategies and tactics.
  • The Russ Berrie Institute of Sales at William Patterson University: offering unique college-level education for sales and sales leadership, as well as consulting for corporations.
  • All Star Marketing: an integrated marketing and incentive agency specializing in engagement strategies and tactics.
  • Marcus Evans: producer of the 3rd Annual Internal Branding & Employee Engagement Conference, Feb. 22-23, Coconut, Grove, FL and numerous other conferences and events involving engagement, branding, human resources and corporate performance.

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Stay in Touch

Enterprise Engagement comprises a variety of inter-related disciplines that foster alignment with people across the organization – from customers and channel partners to salespeople and all other employees – including Leadership, Communication, Training, Rewards & Recognition, Incentives, Compensation, Motivation and Technology. The Enterprise Engagement Portal synthesizes information on all of these disciplines, offering up-to-date news, resources, events, white papers, research, case studies, publications, links and a full library of articles that can help businesses better understand, incorporate and implement engagement strategies to maximize performance and profits. Finally, check out our blog (www.enterpriseengagement.org/blog) and Twitter stream (www.twitter.com/eea_org) where you will find a continual flow of research, trends, and analysis on all aspects of enterprise engagement, thanks in large part to the contributions of our Social Media Editor Paul Hebert. And as always, feel free to call us directly at 914-262-2322 if you have ideas, suggestions, or concerns.

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