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Engagement Strategies e-News - January 2010

News Briefs

Enterprise Engagement Indicator Launches

Allan Schweyer, Enterprise Engagement Alliance Chairman and Research Director, along with his colleagues Tom Lacki of Peppers & Rogers Group and Rodger Stotz of Delta Qi Consulting, have completed work on the Enterprise Engagement Indicator (EEI). This tool is now available to all EEA corporate supporters and sponsors at no charge and to others for a nominal fee. The EEI measures the interest of an organization's management in engagement, and identifies areas where an engagement strategy can help improve performance. For more information on the Enterprise Engagement Indicator, go to www.EnterpriseEngagement.org/Indicator

All Star Incentive Marketing

Don't Miss This Important Webinar on Engagement!

On Tuesday, February 9, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and the Human Capital Institute will sponsor a webinar entitled, "Return on Value by Engaging Talent: What Leaders Can Do." It will be presented from 2-3 pm EST and feature Rodger Stotz, Chief Research Officer of the Incentive Research Foundation, and James Dittman, President of Dittman Incentive Marketing. The webinar (rescheduled from December 8) will focus on the economic reasons to engage talent, discussing what leaders can do to create value from talent engagement. You'll hear examples of leaders and organizations that excel at engagement and gain insight to achieving high levels of engagement in your own organization. To register, click here.

2010 Motivation Show Now Accepting Seminar Proposals

The Motivation Show announced this month that it is accepting program proposals for the 4th Annual Conference: Connecting Engagement and Financial Results, October 12-14, at Chicago's McCormick Place. The Annual Conference features an extensive offering of more than 50 seminars over three days, including a distinguished faculty of nearly 100 industry thought leaders and practitioners, attracting more than 800 industry professionals. Learning tracks for 2010 include Employee Recognition, Sales Motivation, Customer Loyalty and Meeting & Event Management.  To see a list of suggested topics, click here. Program proposals are being accepted until March 15, 2010. To submit a program proposal online, click here. For more information, contact Hansi Kess , Project Manager, at or call (630) 434-7779.

Foot Locker

Companies Failing to Embrace Mobile as an Engagement Tool

Many companies are turning their attention to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but they're neglecting mobile as a channel for deepening customer relationships, according to the recently published 4th Annual Online Customer Engagement Report by Econsultancy and digital agency cScape. While presence on social networks has almost doubled (from 23% to 44% of companies) and use of micro-blogging (i.e. Twitter) has gone up five-fold (from 7% to 35%), only 11% of companies surveyed are planning significant investment in the mobile channel, despite increased use of smart phones and the mobile internet. In fact, a large proportion (41%) of companies are not planning any investment at all in mobile in 2010, while an additional 49% are planning only limited investment. In addition, only 29% say senior staff members are encouraged to use social media to build customer dialogue, while an even smaller percentage (17%) have processes and workflows in place to encourage staff use of social media. You can view/download a copy of the study at: http://econsultancy.com/reports/customer-engagement-report

Pollstream Will Offer Real-Time Research for EEA

Pollstream, one of the EEA's newest premier sponsors, has built a unique 'poll' version of the Enterprise Engagement Indicator that will be placed on the EEA portal site at www.enterpriseengagement.org for individuals to use to benchmark their own organizations on Enterprise Engagement. Those who use the poll will likely be candidates to use the more robust Enterprise Engagement Indicator to get input from other management in their organizations. Once you see it, you might want to consider putting a link to the poll on your site as well.

Expo Attendees Will 'Write the Book' on Enterprise Engagement

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance Networking Expo, to be held June 3-4, 2010, at the Doral Arrowwod in Rye Brook, NY, is a first-of-its-kind learning and planning experience. A group of carefully selected hosted executives and managers in different aspects of engagement will be invited to participate with other attendees in the development of the first ever implementation manual for Enterprise Engagement. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for business executives and managers to learn from both experts and their peers in facilitated discussion groups. The result of the two-day event will be a manual entitled Enterprise Engagement: A Practical Guide to Maximizing Financial Performance Through People that will be distributed free of charge to all attendees. All participating individuals and their organizations will receive a credit in the manual for their participation. A slate of interactive education sessions will enable attendees to share the latest and most effective policies, procedures, strategies and tactics in the field of engagement, offering unique, actionable ideas and information they can use to boost performance and profitability, and build relationships with all key audiences. Exhibitors representing the top products, programs and performance-improvement companies will be available during eight hours of dedicated exhibit time, as well as at other networking events and activities during the EEA Networking Expo, to share their extensive expertise with attendees. The Doral Arrowwood is convenient to all major metropolitan areas in the Boston/NYC/Philadelphia/Washington, DC corridor, located only 10 minutes from Westchester Country Airport and 40 minutes from New York's LaGuardia airport.
More information on the EEA Networking Expo >>

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Insights from ESM e-News

The State of the Industry

As part of our effort to re-brand and re-focus the "Motivation Industry" under the broader umbrella of Engagement in all its various forms and functions, Engagement Strategies Magazine is proud to present a special "e-book" issue on The State of the Industry.

Click this link to download and view this ESM special report and read what key players in the Engagement industry have to say about this comprehensive corporate philosophy that will transform the relationship between companies, employees and customers, ushering in a new era of productivity and profitability. ESM is the official publication of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, a coalition of companies and associations dedicated to the idea that engagement is an enterprise-wide endeavor that "begins with people and ends with profitability" The EEA's primary mission is to research and promote the importance of engaging people in business, including customers, employees, channel partners and managers.

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In The Current Issue of Engagement Strategies Magazine

The Fall issue of Engagement Strategies Magazine is out! Here's a look at what you'll find inside:

The Architecture of Competition

Don Peppers says he came to understand the need for both employee and customer engagement through his work in marketing – particularly his study of marketing technology – over the last decade and a half. "The whole one-to-one marketing concept is based on technology," explains Peppers, co-founder with Martha Rogers of Peppers & Rogers Group and 1to1® Media and co-author of the recent book, Rules to Break and Laws to Follow. "It's concerned with the fact that interactive, database and computer technology were making it more possible for companies to talk to customers one at a time, customize products and services for them and hear back from them, as opposed to simply talking at them through mass media. There's a whole architecture of competition now built around this sort of interactive relationship with customers. But at its core, it's driven by technology." Read more of the Fall cover story in Engagement Strategies Magazine >>

Communication is Vital to Engagement

Jeff Grisamore has spent virtually his entire career in the performance improvement field, but as the 21st Century dawned he and his company saw the need for a change. "About eight years ago we made a decision to diversify the company," says the President of EGR International, "and we started an in-house marketing communications/ad agency. We realized that in order for the promises made by performance improvement companies to be delivered, there had to be a communications component. Whether you're trying to motivate an individual or a group, the success of the program has a lot more to do with communications than it does with the reward component alone." Now, in addition to the performance improvement component of its business, EGR employs art directors, copy writers, graphic designers, web application experts and motion graphics and animation people. "We have this really dynamic agency competency that we can overlay onto our performance improvement programs," Grisamore says. "That's a huge differentiator for us from a lot of the traditional, mainline incentive companies." Read more >>

Ammunition: What Does the Latest Research Reveal?

In our annual overview of recent studies on recognition, motivation and engagement, we look at the latest research from the Human Capital Institute, the Incentive Research Foundation, the Forum for People Performance Management & Measurement, Aberdeen Group, TMP worldwide, Hay Group and Watson Wyatt. Find out how people are driving performance and profits >>

Make sure you get your print copy of ESM >>

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News From Selling Communications Inc.

Whitepaper Connects Engagement with Economic Recovery

One of the greatest opportunities to increase corporate profits – and subsequently boost the economy – lies in motivating workforces to improve performance, drive greater customer engagement and ultimately increase revenue, according to a new report from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) and the Human Capital Institute (HCI). The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is a coalition of companies and associations dedicated to promoting the importance of engagement, founded  last year by the Human Capital Institute, Peppers & Rogers Group, 1to1® Media and Selling Communications, Inc. Entitled The Economics of Engagement, the report provides a comprehensive analysis of research in the field of Enterprise Engagement and offers how-to information on benchmarking tools that can quantitatively measure the benefits of employee and customer engagement. These measurement tools are critical to demonstrate the bottom-line impact of enterprise engagement, both to corporations and to the economy as a whole, using financial language that senior executives, investors and economists are accustomed to. "One of the most encouraging findings of this report is the revelation that vast reserves of overall performance potential are essentially hiding in plain sight," says Bruce Bolger of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. "Engaging the people that companies deal with on a day-to-day basis – both internally and externally – in a comprehensive, compelling and connected way will create a result that is more than just the sum of its parts. Naturally, as with any such investment, the return needs to be demonstrated to decision makers, and there's a growing body of evidence in the engagement arena that does just that." Get a copy of the report >>

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About Selling Communications Inc.

Selling Communications, Inc. is a fully integrated, target marketing, media and technology agency that improves results for clients by focusing on the people who matter most. Take advantage of these SCI services to improve your business development:

  • Engagement Marketing Agency Solutions: Identify and get permission to communicate with the people who matter most through an integrated program rooted in permission-driven databases, direct mail, e-mail, Web sites, brochures, newsletters, public relations and sophisticated telephone sales that produce results.
  • Target media: Build your brand and bring it directly to your power buyers through our stable of established niche print and online magazines in the sales, marketing and meetings fields (including this newsletter).
  • Integrated Communications Technology: Build permission-based databases through Solata software to effectively communicate with the people who want to hear from you and precisely track the results in real time.

For more information on Selling Communications, its products and services, contact Jim Kilmetis at 914-591-7600, ext. 229 or send an e-mail to .

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