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Rewards & Recognition (October 2011)

News Briefs

Enlightened Business Summit to be Held November 7-11

For one week, 30 of the world's leading thinkers, executives, consultants, authors and pioneers will come together for a free global "telesummit" to explore the leading edge of conscious business. The Enlightened Business Summit will help participants take their businesses from where they are to where they want them to be by offering tools and the latest insights from some of today's top entrepreneurial leaders. Presenters and topics include:

  • Daniel Pink, bestselling author of Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us, will explore some of the little known ways to crank up the motivation level in your business.
  • Daniel Goleman, one of the key leaders in the field of Emotional Intelligence, will explore how emotional intelligence can empower leadership to get results.
  • John Donahoe, CEO of eBay, will answer the question, "Can a Fortune 500 CEO Maintain High EQ?"
  • Marci Shimoff, bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, will share how to "Love the Job You're In even if You're Not in the Job You Love."
  • Marshall Goldsmith, author of Mojo and What Got You Here Won't Get You There, will share the key strategies he's learned from coaching some of the world's best leaders.
  • Chade-Meng Tan, Google's "Jolly Good Fellow," will share some of the ideas he's incorporated at Google in order to make the workplace a "Drinking Fountain for Enlightenment."

More info at http://enlightenedbusinesssummit.com/


Rymax Offers Tips on Successful Corporate Gifting

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc. recently shared some ideas on how to reconnect and strengthen ties with clients, employees and new business prospects via corporate gifting programs. A couple of ground rues: Corporate gifts should express appreciation and be tangible tokens of gratitude with a lasting shelf life. Companies must ensure the gifts they are giving send the right message and are valued by their recipients. Here are five simple steps to ensure an effective corporate gifting season:

  • Stay on Trend: From an iPad 2 to Majorica pearls or Villeroy & Boch dinnerware, items that are currently in demand hold a trophy value.
  • Personalize: Taking the time to choose gifts that reflect the interests and mindset of the recipient will make them more meaningful than a cookie-cutter approach towards all recipients.
  • Focus on the client: Regardless of the perceived opportunity, self-promotional items should not be considered for corporate gift giving as they do little to improve personal business relationships and may decrease the value of the gift in the recipient's eyes.
  • Make a statement: Corporate gifts should emphasize the values of the company and signify appropriate feelings of appreciation towards the recipient.
  • A memorable presentation: Almost as important as the gift itself is the presentation. Gifts should be nicely wrapped and delivered in person or with a handwritten note whenever possible.

For more information, go to www.rymaxinc.com/news.html

Globoforce Unveils New Innovations in Social Recognition

As workforces continue to become more international and separated, HR leaders need a way to better connect and engage employees. Employee recognition solutions provider Globoforce recently announced new social and mobile enhancements to help companies better manage and motivate a global workforce. With this latest release, Globoforce is extending the power of social across mobile and internal corporate platforms, including the recognition industry's first RSS recognition feed for corporate intranets. The newest release also provides HR leaders with more flexibility and control over the entire recognition experience – from nomination to approval to reward redemption. "Employee recognition is inherently social," says Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley. "It's how employees and managers connect and motivate each other toward common goals. With our new product enhancements, we're taking our social and mobile innovations to the next level. Employee recognition can now be woven throughout a company's social fabric, helping instill company values globally, across all employee behaviors and actions." For more info, go to www.globoforce.com

New Firm Connects Loyal Customers to Company Stock

For companies anxious to inject new life into their customer loyalty programs, and for point-holders anxious for a broader range of redemption options, an innovative idea has been revived. Now loyal customers can redeem their points for shares of the sponsor's publicly traded stock. LoyaltyShares LLC, a New York-based company, is launching what it calls a Loyalty Equity Acquisition Program, or LEAP, offering a way to include the sponsoring company's publicly traded stock as an award redemption option without disrupting or changing the current loyalty program process and technology. "Using stock as an award creates company ownership and truly drives customer engagement in the sponsor's success," explains Skip Kitchen, Sr. VP Business Development. In addition to providing a template for implementation and guidance in planning, LoyaltyShares LLC will have an ongoing program role as data intermediary, facilitating the flow of information to and from program members, the reward-points system, and the system for administering program shares. To read more, go to www.LoyaltyShares.com

USMotivation Enhances its Mobile Offerings

USMotivation has expanded its service offerings with the launch of two mobile-based solutions, Ovation Mobile and TravReg Mobile. Ovation Mobile allows participants to experience USMotivation's Ovation Enterprise Rewards and Recognition system in a mobile optimized environment on their smartphone. Managers and peers can reward participants by sending eCards with points redeemable for all of USMotivation's rewards, including merchandise, travel and special events awards. A built-in UPC scanner enables users to scan an item's barcode to find matching items they can order through USMotivation's Global Rewards Marketplace catalog. TravReg Mobile is a mobile-based travel registration application that enables users to easily register for a travel event from their smartphone. "The implementation of mobile-based solutions offers companies yet another way to increase engagement with their employees," says Tina Weede, President of USMotivation. "For busy employees and managers who travel a lot, it's a valuable tool for instantly recognizing and rewarding people." Go to www.usmotivation.com/

Rymax Marketing Serivces, Inc.

In the Next Issue of Engagement Strategies Magazine

The September/October issue of Engagement Strategies Magazine is out! Here's a look at what you'll find inside:

Game Theory: People + Participation = Productivity

Maritz's Michelle Pokorny explains how 'gamification' can make recognition programs more engaging. To make sure you get your copy of Engagement Strategies Magazine, go to www.enterpriseengagement.org/account/login/ and update your subscription today!

'Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch'

In this exclusive excerpt from their forthcoming book of the same name, Curt Coffman and Kathleen Sorensen discuss how a rich corporate culture provides a fertile environment for engagement and growth.

Casino's Companion Ticket Promotion Hits the Jackpot

How do you engage customers who've 'seen it all' when it comes to promotions? Atrium Enterprises found a unique way to get their attention...

Omaha Steaks

Insights from ESM Rewards & Recognition e-News

Engagement Event Returns $2 for Every Dollar Spent

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) recently announced that research measuring the return on investment (ROI) of an annual meeting of healthcare insurance brokers that stressed training, relationship-building and networking opportunities found the sponsoring company enjoyed a return of almost $2 for every $1 invested in the program. Initial results reported in March revealed that the program had a profound impact on the way brokers thought and felt about the company, its products and its people. Part 1 of the report, The 'ROI in Channel Partner' Conferences – A Case Study, noted that the annual gathering translated into higher sales, performance and engagement among those who attended. Part 2 of the report examines the actual change in sales of Allsante, Inc.* products among program participants, summarizing the ROI the company achieved from the event. EEA analysis of the methodologies and findings reveals that Allsante earned significant ROI from its annual event. "After all variables were accounted for, a highly credible and conservative estimate of 190% ROI was arrived at," says Allan Schweyer, Chairman of the EEA. "In other words, the company enjoyed a return of almost $2 for every $1 it invested in the first six months following the event, and our researchers say it's likely that the returns, if calculated after another six months have passed, will be even greater." Parts 1 and 2 of the study, The 'ROI in Channel Partner' Conferences – A Case Study, can be downloaded at www.enterpriseengagement.org

* The company in this report is referred to as "Allsante, Inc." at the firm's request, due to competitive reasons.

News From Selling Communications Inc.

White Paper Links Social Media and Performance

A new White Paper, How Social Media is Changing Corporate Performance, discusses how lessons learned from Social Media are helping corporate employee-engagement experts capitalize on the momentum in self-motivated, peer-driven participation. Corporate recognition, rewards and incentive programs for employees are actually the unsung pioneers of the kind of 'social points' activity like we see in Social Media games like Farmville and others. By leveraging the power of online systems, corporations can provide a familiar social environment similar to those in which people have already chosen to engage during their own time. You can bring the power of Social Behaviors to your employees by offering intrinsic/extrinsic motivation rewards and recognition programs. Peer-to-Peer awards let people recognize each other. Team-based activities allow for relationship-building and trust. Wellness programs show that you care about employees' health challenges and that you want to help through education and online tools. Open 'suggestion programs' accelerate innovation by creating a meritocracy. To view the full report, go to www.dittmanincentives.com

About Selling Communications Inc.

Selling Communications, Inc. is a fully integrated, target marketing, media and technology agency that improves results for clients by focusing on the people who matter most. We can help your business grow and save you money by targeting key prospects, getting their permission and strategically integrating your marketing and sales communications with the specific audiences most likely to affect your business performance.

Take advantage of these SCI services to improve your business development:

  • Engagement Marketing Agency Solutions
  • Target media
  • Integrated Communications Technology

For more information on Selling Communications, its products and services, contact Jim Kilmetis at 914-591-7600, ext. 229 or send an e-mail to .

Tapping new customers, and keeping those you already have, costs less than you'd imagine...

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